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Post-human Spectacle

Post-human is the idea that humanity can be transformed, transcended, or eliminated either by technological advances or the evolutionary process. Inspired by a novel about post-human by Dung Kai-Cheung, Icy Lai curate this music performance titled Post-human Spectacle in 2022.


Collaborating with composer Austin Leung, Li transformed his cityscape photos into audio reactive visual in Touch Designer for the performance.

Also, he used machine learning method, styleGAN2 to be specific, to make his cityscape photos appear more ambiguous for the audience. Through the window shape projection, Li created a future Hong Kong city manipulated by machine.


Curator and Director – Icy Lai

Production Company – FIRST HALF Arts in Concept Limited

Music Composed by Austin Leung

Visual/Image (for Chapter One and Two) – Gerry Li



Single-channel projected video

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