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Digital Art

Gerry Li Bio

Gerry Li (b.1996, a.k.a Li, Jiarui) – a positive pessimist, digital artist, and photographer based in Hong Kong. He participated in Hong Kong International Photo Festival Incubation programme from 2019 to 2020. Under the guidance of his mentor Mr. Wing Shya, Li held his first solo exhibition Eternal Light in the Darkness at PMQ in 2020. After that, Li was invited to the group shows including The Stillness Within (2020) by 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Hong Kong and New Talents (2020) by Photographic Exploration Project (PEP) in Berlin. In addition, Li's artworks were exhibited at Art Central and Digital Art Fair in 2022.

Li’s body of work explores the inner world of human beings. To him, photography is no longer a tool of capturing the reality but a way of transforming experiences and reconstructing the reality to create a new perspective of perceiving time, space, and memory.





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