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Gerry Li

started learning piano at 9. In 2011, at 15, he swerved into pop music, began writing and producing his own music, and never looked back. In the same year, his debut single 'Buried Youth' was released online.


In 2019, he took up an interest in music production and film scoring. He also constantly tries to combine acoustic instruments, synthesizers, as well as soundscape into organic artworks. His musical style is influenced by neoclassical/ instrumental artists such as Nils Frahm and Ólafur Arnold. Li held his first solo concert on May 31, 2020. Then take part in a live performance presented by Ear Up Music in September 2020. At that concert. he performed several pieces from his latest music series 'Eternal Light'. He also performed his soundtrack work for short films 'Ideal Lover', 'Xia Nan Is Back', and 'Wild Blues'.

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