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Solitude is a photography-based digital art series exploring ideas of loneliness, urban life, and yearning for serenity. Each image features a man standing solitarily against the backdrop of a dreamy, empty landscape—be it a highway, urban skyscrapers, or a rolling mountain range. These images are computer-generated collages, in which elements are superimposed on each other to create surrealist scenes.


The series is inspired by Li’s own experience of living and working in Hong Kong, where overtime working and bustling schedules have become a part of everyone’s daily practice. Constantly bored by the routinely city life, Li seeks to create peculiar and bizarre imageries of urban workers, throwing them in absurd situations.


Yet, however unlikely these imageries are in real life, the solitude Li tries to capture through his images seems to be a more realistic portrayal of the mentality of urban life. While they express a desire for serenating loneliness, they also show a heartbreaking longingness for connections between people.

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