Exploration (2018)
This project is focus on exploring the inner world by the use of the projection technology. At the beginning of the project, I decided to integrate photography and projection because  of projection's ability of visually translating a 2D plane surface into a 3D space. As I was making the photographs in the dark studio, I found it was no longer a ordinary shooting but a journey of exploring my inner world just like a meditation. In the dark room where I was isolate from the outer world, time and space gradually became ambiguous.  At that time, I could truly "look" into my inner space and see my joys and struggles, futures and pasts, in fragments and as a whole. Speaking of Sci-fi, It's not only about the technology but about humanity. Also, it's not about creating stunning photos or graphics for people to look at. It's about the relationship between you and yourself, self and others.